September 4, 2016

Sunday Playlist #4: Mega Throwback

Good day and happy Sunday!!!

Today is the FIRST Sunday of September, ladies and gentlemen! It's my birth month and that's why it is my most favorite month of the year but that's not we're talking about today (besides who does want to listening to fifteen tracks of happy birthday songs?).

In some parts of the world they are celebrating National Grandparents Month in honor of our beloved grandpops and grandmas. The only group of people that tolerates our never ending cries and protects us from the ranging fury of our parents, not to mention they also give us extra cash behind our parents' back. 

If they're still with you, go give 'em a big HUG for me! Go, now go! 

Thank you.

In the spirit of celebrating this wonderful month here are 15 songs from the era of our grandparentals: the 1950s to the 1960s. Ready your SPOTIFY and let the golden age of music bring you to the world of the past.

~aaahhh what good music those are. Smooth to the ears and soul.

I do hope that you've enjoyed the playlist I've prepared and hopefully you've also shared the tunes to your grandparents and reminisce the days of their youth.

OH! Bonus Cover!!

I really do like this cover of Corey Mach of the song "For Once in My Life." 

Thank you very much for listening and happy Sunday!